French listening comprehension practice – Discover a Francophone region : Suisse (Levels A2-B1)

Listen to the audio and answer questions below   See feedback and answers below

Reading Comprehenion in French – “Québec: les taxis auront bientôt des visages” (Levels A2+)

Read in French – Understand French – Speak French – French Language  French Vocabulary // Synonyms    À Québec, il … Read more

Reading Comprehension – French News “Mai 2016, un mauvais mois pour le francais?” (All levels)

Reading comprehension in French – Understand French expressions – Speak and converse in French Chansons en anglais pour l’Euro et … Read more

Listening Comprehension and Conversation in French – “Créer une communauté francophone?” (Int. Adv Levels)

View French video – discuss Francophone issues – Understand francophone accents Il y a des quartiers chinois, indien, italien et … Read more

Francophone world – Personalité francophone:Gilbert Rozon, humoriste (Levels A2 – B+)

Reading comprehension in French – Understand French – French vocabulary ____________________________ Gilbert Rozon est à l’origine de bien des carrières. … Read more

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