French comprehension – Use of past tense (Levels A1 and +)

Activity A: Listening Comprehension  See transcript Activity B: Grammar – conjugate in Passe Compose Use online verb conjugation tool    Activity C: Listening comprehension Listen to the following conversation and report what he does ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

Present Tense – summary and practices (Level A and +)

Review of verbs in the present tense For more verbs and use online verb conjugator   Exercise 1   Exercise 2   Exercise 3 Make one sentence using the following verbs: DEVOIR (Must) – POUVOIR (can) – VENIR (to come) –  PRENDRE (to take) – VOIR ( to see) – DESCENDRE (to go down) // … Read more

Grammar review: “Tout, toute, tous, toutes” (Levels A-B)

‘Tout’  devant un nom  s’accorde avec le nom en genre et en nombre. Exemple: Tout enfant portera un manteau ( each child…);  Tous les enfants (= all the children) porteront un manteau;    Toutes les filles (=all the girls…) porteront un manteau. Devant un verbe, le  pronom, ‘tout’  varie et peut devenir toute(s) au féminin et  ‘tous’ au … Read more

Adjectifs Possessifs (Level A)

Singular Plural English Masculine Feminine Before vowel my mon ma mon mes your (tu form) ton ta ton tes his, her, its son sa son ses our notre notre notre nos your (vous form) votre votre votre vos their leur leur leur leurs Listen to the Audio Exemples: Mon chien est noir Sa chemise est blanche Leur … Read more

French Grammar review “Les pronoms” (All levels)

French grammar – Review French – Practice French Online   Les pronoms remplacent des noms, des groupes nominaux, et parfois des propositions. – des pronoms personnels – des pronoms démonstratifs – des pronoms possessifs – des pronoms interrogatifs – des pronoms relatifs Pronoms personnels Sujets : je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, elles COD … Read more

French activity – A personality test in French “Quel(le) ami(e) êtes-vous?” (Levels A2 and +)

Practice French by taking a personality test: Which type of friend are you? Find out which type of friend you are: Want to practice with a French tutor? Register for a free session here

Use of past tense in French – Talking about a trip (A2 and +)

Reading Comprehension – practice   Conversation Describe the activities (places, time, ..) taking place during the weekend in Normandie – see itinerary  below Grammar – conjugate in the past tense (passe compose) Listening comprehension Listen to the following conversation and report what he does   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more … Read more

Expressing nuances with subjunctive, conditional and future (Levels B1 and +)

Use of subjunctive The subjunctive is used mostly with verbs or adverbs expressing desire, doubt, or eventuality; it may also express an order. It is almost always preceded by the conjunction que (that). Ex: Il faut que nous partions // Tu preferes qu’il vienne Note: it is possible to replace the conjugated subjunctive form with indicative … Read more

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