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French private classes
French is an online service to help you learn French live with a French native teacher. You can register for French classes to help you start learning French or to improve basic communication. French lessons can also be used to refresh grammar and acquire vocabulary or to practice conversation and develop comprehension skills. You can learn about French culture across the globe as well as, or practice advanced verbal and written communication.

French lessons are customized to your level, objectives, and interests. As a result, you can easily learn French and progress faster.

French sessions and programs are organized to fit your schedule, budget, as well as your interests. All lessons and study plans are created and facilitated by experienced French natives tutors.  

Online French tutor programs are great to learn French as:

additional practices to a normal course in a school like the Alliance Francaise or  French cultural centers

a self study tool or in addition to programs such as Duolinguo, Babel, Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, Primsleur…

preparation for French evaluation exams exams (schools, job interviews, international organizations, Canada immigration, France citizen test…)

a help with  French assignments, exams (SAT, homework, etc.) and studying for French tests such as DELF,  DALF, TCF, Praxis


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