Learning French tips

Tips to learn French – and maybe other languages! Learning French can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also come with its challenges. Here are some of the main difficulties of learning French and some tips to help you overcome them. Pronunciation: French is known for its complex pronunciation, which can make … Read more

Same sounding words in French – listen and practice

Homophones are the same sounding words with different meanings  Click this link to review basic homophones Listen to the 4 sentences below and write down the proper spelling. 3. Check your answers below Il est grand et brun. Elle n’a pas voyagé à Paris mais elle a visité New York et Madrid. Nous aimons passer … Read more

Start Learning French – Study Guide 1

Salutations Greetings Monsieur Sir Madame Ma’am (Mrs.) Mademoiselle Miss Bonjour, Monsieur Good day (Hello), Sir Bonsoir Good evening Au revoir Goodbye Salut! Hi! À tout à l’heure! See you in a little while. (same day) À ce soir. See you this evening. À demain. See you tomorrow. À bientôt. See you soon. (probably not on … Read more

French test to evaluate level – Practice French

French language evaluation – Test your French – Review French   1) Les articles : complétez avec ‘UN’, ‘UNE’, ‘DES’ :   fleur  habitudes  ami 2) Complétez avec un article défini [le / la / l’ / les] J’aime  vacances. J’aime  été. J’aime  sport. J’aime  nature. 3) Complétez avec à / au / aux / à la Je vais  Paris. Je vais  marché. … Read more

French exercise “Le discours rapporté” (Levels A2 and +)

French exercise online – Tell a story in French using the indirect form  – Practice French Online – Speak French EXERCISE 1 Avec les éléments donnés, écrivez les dialogues Exemple: Anne demande à Paul ce qu’il a. Anne : Qu’est-ce que tu as ? Paul répond qu’il est fatigué. Paul : Je suis fatigué.   Madame … Read more

French Vocabulary – French technology terms (All levels)

French Vocabulary – French Technology – Technology in French Lexique des termes Internet en francais et anglais   Francçais English Site Web Website Optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Outil de navigation Browser Formulaire Form Champ Field SSL SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Systeme d’operation OS (Operating System) Telecharger Download Extension Plugin … Read more

French Vocabulary – 100 most used verbs in French

DOWNLOAD MORE VERBS HERE Orange Highlights: 3 core verbs ‘to be’, ‘to have’, ‘to do’ Green Highlights: être verbs (involving movement) Blue Highlights: modal verbs devoir, pouvoir, vouloir Yellow Highlights: most commonly used verbs   1. Être (to be) 2. Avoir (to have) 3. Faire (to do) 4. Dire (to say) 5. Pouvoir (to be … Read more

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