French listening comprehension – “Les jeux videos: un sport?” (level B1 and +)

Listen the following audio and answer questions below Questions TRANSCRIPT

Les pronoms d’objet (All levels)

Les pronoms d’objet direct: le, la, les It is used to replace an element used as a direct object  in a sentence. It is agreed in gender and number with the noun Exemple: J’aime le cinema — > Est-ce que tu aime le cinema? Oui je l’aime Complétez les phrases en utilisant le, la, les, … Read more Les pronoms d’objet (All levels)

Same sounding words in French – listen and practice

Homophones are the same sounding words with different meanings  Click this link to review basic homophones Listen to the 4 sentences below and write down the proper spelling. 3. Check your answers below  

Articles in French (Level A)

Learn and understand the different articles in French Articles définis  LE / LA / LES  corresponds to THE Paul est le fils de Robert et d’Anne. [ Paul is THE son of Robert and Anne] Mary est la fille d’Anne et de Robert. Mary et Paul sont les enfants de Robert et d’Anne.   Articles indéfinis … Read more Articles in French (Level A)

French grammar – Indefinite adjectives (All levels)

Review and practice use of indefinite adjectives in French Types of French indefinite adjectives  The indefinite adjective autre/autres (another, other, different) The indefinite adjective aucun/aucune…ne (no, any, a single, one single) The indefinite adjective certain(e) (certain, some) [ Etre certain/e–> To be sure] The indefinite adjective chaque (each, every) The indefinite adjective quelque (s) (a … Read more French grammar – Indefinite adjectives (All levels)

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