French Beginner 1 – French Sounds

PRACTICE 1 – LISTEN AND MEMORIZE THE FOLLOWING SOUNDS Alphabet French uses the 26 letters of the alphabet plus a few “add-ons”: accents on vowels (è, é, etc…) or cedilla (ç). When spelling your name -during a call for example- you will have to know how letters are said in French: A B C D … Read more

Beginning in French – Basic grammar rules in French

  1) Gender of a noun Every noun in French is ‘gendered’ , it is either a masculin or feminin. Some general rules can help you determine if a noun is feminin or masculine; ex: nouns ending with ‘e’ and ‘tion’ are general  feminin , but beware of multiple exceptions! (see in further lesson) . … Read more

First verbs to know in French: ETRE, AVOIR, ALLER

Learn the first verbs you need to know in French TO BE — ETRE I am — Je suis You are — Tu es (informal singulier) He/She is — Il/Elle est We are — Nous sommes You are — Vous êtes (formal or  plural) They are – Ils/Elles sont  ============================================================ TO HAVE — AVOIR I have … Read more

French text comprehension and talking about a city (Levels A and +)

French text comprehension and presentation of your hometown or describe a city. Exercise 1: Complete the following sentences New York _____ la plus grande ville ____ Etats-Unis avec plus de 8 millions d’habitants. New-York est situé  ___ nord-est des Etats-Unis. C’est ___  centre économique et culturel —  pays. La ville ___  aussi la ____ Pomme. … Read more

Articles in French (Level A)

Learn and understand the different articles in French Articles définis  LE / LA / LES  corresponds to THE Paul est le fils de Robert et d’Anne. [ Paul is THE son of Robert and Anne] Mary est la fille d’Anne et de Robert. Mary et Paul sont les enfants de Robert et d’Anne.   Articles indéfinis … Read more

French Reading Comprehension – “Histoire de la bicyclette” (All levels)

French reading  comprehension – French Vocabulary – Short French story Practice French reading to help you acquire vocabulary, talk about a story and answer questions in French. French reading comprehension: Histoire du vélo Le 12 juillet 1817, un Allemand de 32 ans, le baron Drais assis à califourchon sur une planche en bois reliant deux … Read more

French: Basic Conversational Phrases Exercises

Choose the correct translation or answer for each question. 1. I’m tired. A. J’ai faim. B. J’ai froid. C. Je suis fatigué. D. Je suis malade. 2. Good luck! A. Bonne chance ! B. Félicitations ! C. Taisez-vous ! D. C’est à vous ! 3. Welcome! A. Bienvenue ! B. Désolé ! C. Pardon ! … Read more

Start Learning French – Study Guide 1

Salutations Greetings Monsieur Sir Madame Ma’am (Mrs.) Mademoiselle Miss Bonjour, Monsieur Good day (Hello), Sir Bonsoir Good evening Au revoir Goodbye Salut! Hi! À tout à l’heure! See you in a little while. (same day) À ce soir. See you this evening. À demain. See you tomorrow. À bientôt. See you soon. (probably not on … Read more

How to speak French fast? – Funny video for all!!!

A short video to show you to speak French fast and easily! View the video on this page More seriously… The French language is not easy but it can be fun to learn with the proper support. Contact us to schedule a Free session on Skype and start a program online at your convenience. A … Read more

Negative form

SECTION 1 To form a negative sentence in French, simply add ‘ne’ before the verb and ‘pas’ after the verb. Exemple: Je ne parle pas russe — I do not speak Russian Exercise: Transform these sentences with the negative form: Je travaille le samedi Il voyage à Paris Nous allons au restaurant Tu aime le cafe … Read more

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