First verbs to know in French: ETRE, AVOIR, ALLER

Learn the first verbs you need to know in French


I am — Je suis

You are — Tu es (informal singulier)

He/She is — Il/Elle est

We are — Nous sommes

You are — Vous êtes (formal or  plural)

They are – Ils/Elles sont



I have – J’ai

You have – Tu as (informal singulier)

He/She has – Il/Elle a

We have – Nous avons

You have – Vous avez (formal or  plural)

They have – Ils/Elles ont



I go  – Je vais

You go  — Tu vas  (informal singulier)

He/She  – Il/Elle va

We go  – Nous allons

You go  – Vous allez .(formal or  plural)

They go  – Ils/Elles vont à…



Translate the following sentences:

1) I am 13 years old

2) We are doing fine today

3) She is happy

4) How are you doing?

5) They are French

6) I am hungry

7) She is thirsty

8) You have a red car (formal)

9) They are Americans

10) She is pretty [pretty = belle (F) or beau (M)]


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