Reading comprehension in French – ‘Distributeur d’histoires’ (Levels A2 and +)

Reading comprehension to acquire vocabulary, review grammar and practice conversation in French     Questions – Activity to practice Find a title for this article What is the theme of this article? Find the website link where you can find more stories. Would you be interested in using such a tool? Explain.   Practice with … Read more

Reading comprehension in French – Special day for Chanel and Napoleon? (Levels B1 and +)

Reading comprehension about the famous French designer Coco Chanel and the date connection with Napoleon … Listen to the audio Click here to view the text and read the story about the famous Chanel fragrance Questions Qui est Coco Chanel? Expliquez le choix du nom ‘No 5’ Quel est le point commun entre le célèbre … Read more

French text comprehension and talking about a city (Levels A and +)

French text comprehension and presentation of your hometown or describe a city. Exercise 1: Complete the following sentences New York _____ la plus grande ville ____ Etats-Unis avec plus de 8 millions d’habitants. New-York est situé  ___ nord-est des Etats-Unis. C’est ___  centre économique et culturel —  pays. La ville ___  aussi la ____ Pomme. … Read more

Reading Comprehension in French – ‘Un facteur extraordinaire…’ (All levels)

Reading Comprehension in French – French vocabulary – French culture French Activity – Level A + 1) Read the text below. Note the use of past tenses and identify its type (passe compose, imparfait, passe simple) NOTE: Département de la Drôme est situé au sud est de la France, au nord de la Provence   … Read more

French text practice for comprehension- “Changements dans les études supérieures” (levels B+)

Practice French reading comprehension to progress and acquire vocabulary. Discuss the evolution of studies and the use of technology to learn. PRACTICE ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE A PRACTICE SESSION WITH A TUTOR

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