French listening comprehension – Biography of a French poet (Level A2 and +)

Short biography of French poet, Jacques Prevert Listen to audio Open in a new window View Transcript Questions More information Full biography in  French (or in English) One of his most known poems – ”Les feuilles mortes” [Listen the song]   Contact a French tutor to receive support  

Reading comprehension in French – ‘Distributeur d’histoires’ (Levels A2 and +)

Reading comprehension to acquire vocabulary, review grammar and practice conversation in French     Questions – Activity to practice Find a title for this article What is the theme of this article? Find the website link where you can find more stories. Would you be interested in using such a tool? Explain.   Practice with … Read more

French listening comprehension – ‘Retour au cinema’ (levels A 2 and +)

Listen to the following audio and find missing words from the text below [Open audio in a new window] Mon retour au cinéma, un _____ à la normale ? Ma séance avait lieu à _____ dans mon cinéma habituel, le MK2 Quai de Seine/Quai de Loire, à _____ sur le bassin de la Villette et … Read more

Start conversing in French – Daily activities, living in Paris (Levels A2 and +)

Activities to develop conversation skills in French   Activity 1: Read the following text and describe your daily activities   Activity 2: Listening comprehension – view following videos. Talk about the city you live in. Shopping a Paris Vivre a Paris   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

Use of past tense in French – Talking about a trip (A2 and +)

Reading Comprehension – practice   Conversation Describe the activities (places, time, ..) taking place during the weekend in Normandie – see itinerary  below Grammar – conjugate in the past tense (passe compose) Listening comprehension Listen to the following conversation and report what he does   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more … Read more

Listening comprehension in French “Choisir un cadeau d’anniversaire” (Level A2 and +)

French Listening comprehension practice 1) Listen to the conversation and answer questions below   2) Questions 3) Transcript   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

French reading and listening – Un train historique (All levels)

Listen to the following audio and read the transcript below. Find definition and meaning of highlighted words Le Train bleu : la star du rail des années 20 et 30 C’est le 10 décembre 1922 que le «premier» Train bleu est inauguré à Nice. Il transporte en moins de vingt heures les voyageurs de Calais … Read more

French text comprehension – Which French movie to chose? (levels A2 and +)

Which French movie to chose? Read the summary of the 3 following movies. Questions: What is the common theme of these movies? What are the characters?  Describe their personality and actions. Explain which one you would want to watch. Why? Practice conversation with a French tutor

Listening Comprehension in French – ‘Informations touristiques en Bretagne’

Practice listening comprehension in French – Asking questions about a tourist activity Listen to the following conversations   2) Find the correct answers below Check your answers and get support to improve listening/comprehension Answers Vrai Faux Faux Vrai Vrai Vrai Faux Need more information? Have questions? Contact a French tutor below

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