French conversation – Exchanging opinions and writing a message about waste and environment (Levels A2 and +)

Practice French conversation and learn vocabulary to express an opinion about waste, recycling, environment QUESTIONS Contact us below to converse with a French tutor

Articles in French (Level A)

Learn and understand the different articles in French Articles définis  LE / LA / LES  corresponds to THE Paul est le fils de Robert et d’Anne. [ Paul is THE son of Robert and Anne] Mary est la fille d’Anne et de Robert. Mary et Paul sont les enfants de Robert et d’Anne.   Articles indéfinis … Read more Articles in French (Level A)

French activity – A personality test in French “Quel(le) ami(e) êtes-vous?” (Levels A2 and +)

Practice French by taking a personality test: Which type of friend are you? Find out which type of friend you are: Want to practice with a French tutor? Register for a free session here

French grammar – Indefinite adjectives (All levels)

Review and practice use of indefinite adjectives in French Types of French indefinite adjectives  The indefinite adjective autre/autres (another, other, different) The indefinite adjective aucun/aucune…ne (no, any, a single, one single) The indefinite adjective certain(e) (certain, some) [ Etre certain/e–> To be sure] The indefinite adjective chaque (each, every) The indefinite adjective quelque (s) (a … Read more French grammar – Indefinite adjectives (All levels)

French reading comprehension and conversation “Experience abroad” (Levels A2 and +)

French reading comprehension and conversation help you learn new vocabulary and progress in French. ACTIVITY Read the two testimonies below and explain who is Nicole and Marc, what do they talk about? Compare their stories and explain what they liked and the difficulties they met.   Contact a French tutor to speak and get feedbacks

French news – European Elections (Levels A2 and +)

Practice French and follow current issues – Understand the European Elections process – Reading Comprehension in French –  Européennes 2019 : comprendre les élections Débuté en 2014, le mandat des eurodéputés prendra fin en mai prochain, juste après les élections européennes qui se déroulent du 23 au 26 mai. Quelques explications: Pourquoi vote-t-on ? Du … Read more French news – European Elections (Levels A2 and +)

French comprehension – “Transports futuristes” (Levels A2 and ++)

 French listening comprehension practice — Develop French comprehension skills  1)Watch the video below and identify the main topic and information provided 2)Listen again the commentator and read the transcript VIEW TRANSCRIPT PRACTICE Source:

French language tip – how to use past and future tenses right away? (All levels)

French language tip for French verbs in past and future tenses You know verb VENIR (to come) and ALLER (to go) in French? Great news, you know how to make sentences in the past and future tenses! 1) Using verb VENIR to indicate past tense: Use the present tense of VENIR + DE + INFINITIVE  … Read more French language tip – how to use past and future tenses right away? (All levels)

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