Present Tense – summary and practices (Level A and +)

Review of verbs in the present tense For more verbs and use online verb conjugator   Exercise 1   Exercise 2   Exercise 3 Make one sentence using the following verbs: DEVOIR (Must) – POUVOIR (can) – VENIR (to come) –  PRENDRE (to take) – VOIR ( to see) – DESCENDRE (to go down) // … Read more

Reading comprehension in French – Exploit en eau vive (Levels A2 and +)

French reading comprehension and vocabulary building Explain the meaning of the words and expressions in green below Après 108 km, onze jours et près de 54 heures de nage dans une eau à 10°C à tracter un radeau à la seule force de leurs bras à 3 800 m d’altitude, Théo Curin, Malia Metella et … Read more

French Grammar review “Les pronoms” (All levels)

French grammar – Review French – Practice French Online   Les pronoms remplacent des noms, des groupes nominaux, et parfois des propositions. – des pronoms personnels – des pronoms démonstratifs – des pronoms possessifs – des pronoms interrogatifs – des pronoms relatifs Pronoms personnels Sujets : je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, elles COD … Read more

French activity – A personality test in French “Quel(le) ami(e) êtes-vous?” (Levels A2 and +)

Practice French by taking a personality test: Which type of friend are you? Find out which type of friend you are: Want to practice with a French tutor? Register for a free session here

French listening comprehension – Biography of a French poet (Level A2 and +)

Short biography of French poet, Jacques Prevert Listen to audio Open in a new window View Transcript Questions More information Full biography in  French (or in English) One of his most known poems – ”Les feuilles mortes” [Listen the song]   Contact a French tutor to receive support  

Reading comprehension in French – ‘Distributeur d’histoires’ (Levels A2 and +)

Reading comprehension to acquire vocabulary, review grammar and practice conversation in French     Questions – Activity to practice Find a title for this article What is the theme of this article? Find the website link where you can find more stories. Would you be interested in using such a tool? Explain.   Practice with … Read more

French listening comprehension – ‘Retour au cinema’ (levels A 2 and +)

Listen to the following audio and find missing words from the text below [Open audio in a new window] Mon retour au cinéma, un _____ à la normale ? Ma séance avait lieu à _____ dans mon cinéma habituel, le MK2 Quai de Seine/Quai de Loire, à _____ sur le bassin de la Villette et … Read more

Start conversing in French – Daily activities, living in Paris (Levels A2 and +)

Activities to develop conversation skills in French   Activity 1: Read the following text and describe your daily activities   Activity 2: Listening comprehension – view following videos. Talk about the city you live in. Shopping a Paris Vivre a Paris   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

Use of past tense in French – Talking about a trip (A2 and +)

Reading Comprehension – practice   Conversation Describe the activities (places, time, ..) taking place during the weekend in Normandie – see itinerary  below Grammar – conjugate in the past tense (passe compose) Listening comprehension Listen to the following conversation and report what he does   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more … Read more

Listening comprehension in French “Choisir un cadeau d’anniversaire” (Level A2 and +)

French Listening comprehension practice 1) Listen to the conversation and answer questions below   2) Questions 3) Transcript   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

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