French listening comprehension- Video “At a restaurant” (Levels A2 and +)

French city

Practice French comprehension – Conversation in a restaurant Watch the following video in a restaurant and identify the topic of the conversation and comment on the design, history, menu, etc. Which criteria would make this restaurant a good candidate to win a design context?   Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

French comprehension – Use of past tense (Levels A1 and +)

Activity A: Listening Comprehension  See transcript Activity B: Grammar – conjugate in Passe Compose Use online verb conjugation tool    Activity C: Listening comprehension Listen to the following conversation and report what he does ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

French listening comprehension – Biography of a French poet (Level A2 and +)

Short biography of French poet, Jacques Prevert Listen to audio Open in a new window View Transcript Questions More information Full biography in  French (or in English) One of his most known poems – ”Les feuilles mortes” [Listen the song]   Contact a French tutor to receive support  

Listening comprehension in French – Podcasts with transcription

Plenty of podcasts in French with transcription to help you progress in listening comprehension. Listening to audio and review words and expressions in sentences. Check lists of podcasts here   Have a question? Want to develop communication skills? Contact a French tutor now

French videos for beginners conversations (Level A and +)

Comprehension and communication for beginners –  French videos with transcripts and vocabulary   Vie quotidienne  – Everyday life Faire connaissance —  Parler du quotidien —  Faire des achats    Vie professionelle – At work Au bureau — Aller au travail — Conditions de travail —  Communiquer avec ses collegues   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a … Read more

French listening comprehension – ‘Retour au cinema’ (levels A 2 and +)

Listen to the following audio and find missing words from the text below [Open audio in a new window] Mon retour au cinéma, un _____ à la normale ? Ma séance avait lieu à _____ dans mon cinéma habituel, le MK2 Quai de Seine/Quai de Loire, à _____ sur le bassin de la Villette et … Read more

Start conversing in French – Daily activities, living in Paris (Levels A2 and +)

Activities to develop conversation skills in French   Activity 1: Read the following text and describe your daily activities   Activity 2: Listening comprehension – view following videos. Talk about the city you live in. Shopping a Paris Vivre a Paris   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

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