French listening comprehension – Biography of a French poet (Level A2 and +)

Short biography of French poet, Jacques Prevert Listen to audio Open in a new window View Transcript Questions More information Full biography in  French (or in English) One of his most known poems – ”Les feuilles mortes” [Listen the song]   Contact a French tutor to receive support  

French language practices for the holidays : bûche de Noël and other recipes, Provence X-mas tale – All levels

Discover French language practices for the holidays. Learn the history and the tradition French X-mas log (bûche de Noël), innovate new (vegetarian!) recipes, get immerse in traditions of Provence and view the classic tale by Alphonse Daudet, “Les 3 messes de Noel”, directed by famous provencal author and director Marcel Pagnol. 1) Traditional French Xmas … Read more

French literature – Extrait “Tartuffe” [Acte I, scène 4] — Levels B2 +

French literature – Read and understand French – Discover classical French literature   Acte I, scène 4. – Orgon, Cléante, Dorine. Extrait “Tartuffe’ de Moliere ORGON. Ah ! mon frère, bonjour CLÉANTE. Je sortois, et j’ai joie à vous voir de retour. La campagne à présent n’est pas beaucoup fleurie. ORGON. Dorine…. Mon beau-frère, attendez, … Read more

Lire en francais / Read in French – “Les aventures parisiennes de Kimberly” (level A2 +)

Read in French – Learn French while reading – French story Besides a great idea for coming the holidays season, “Les aventures parisiennes de Kimberly” is a great reading for practicing French. Get the full book at or at PRACTICE: 1) Lire les paragraphes suivants 2) Imaginer les aventures de Kimberly en France…