French listening comprehension – “Un choc national: le restautant Paul Bocuse perd une étoile!” (levels B1 and +)

Practice French comprehension – listening  comprehension 1. Listen to the audio 2. Complete the text Après ___ ans au firmament, … Read more

French language practices for the holidays : bûche de Noël and other recipes, Provence X-mas tale – All levels

Discover French language practices for the holidays. Learn the history and the tradition French X-mas log (bûche de Noël), innovate … Read more

Reading Comprehension in French – “Le véganisme en France: un business juteux” (Level A2 +)

Learn new words in French and practice comprehension with a French text about society and business Reading the following text … Read more

Listening Comprehension in French – “Le camembert, emblème du savoir-faire tricolore” (Levels B+)

French listening activity – French conversation – Practice French


View video in French below and make a short presentation about the information presented – Ex: what is the video about? Where does it take place? Who is in the video?


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