French Grammar – Review of the use of Subjunctive (Level B – C)

The subjunctive is used mostly with verbs or adverbs expressing desire, doubt or eventuality; it may also express an order. … Read more

French listening comprehension – “Les jeux videos: un sport?” (level B1 and +)

Listen the following audio and answer questions below Questions TRANSCRIPT

French reading comprehension – Télétravail: Avantages & contraintes (Level B – C)

French reading comprehension – French Conversation – French vocabulary and grammar review ______________________________________ Le télétravail présente l’avantage d’apporter des réponses … Read more

Listening Comprehension in French – ‘Informations touristiques en Bretagne’

Practice listening comprehension in French – Asking questions about a tourist activity Listen to the following conversations   2) Find … Read more

Same sounding words in French – listen and practice

Homophones are the same sounding words with different meanings  Click this link to review basic homophones Listen to the 4 … Read more

French listening comprehension – “Evolution in the use of payment” (Level B1)

Listening to the following audio and answer questions below. Questions Transcript and answers a.1) 55% des paiements sont faits en … Read more

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