French listening comprehension – Biography of a French poet (Level A2 and +)

Short biography of French poet, Jacques Prevert Listen to audio Open in a new window View Transcript Questions More information Full biography in  French (or in English) One of his most known poems – ”Les feuilles mortes” [Listen the song]   Contact a French tutor to receive support  

Listening comprehension in French – Podcasts with transcription

Plenty of podcasts in French with transcription to help you progress in listening comprehension. Listening to audio and review words and expressions in sentences. Check lists of podcasts here   Have a question? Want to develop communication skills? Contact a French tutor now

Listening comprehension in French “Choisir un cadeau d’anniversaire” (Level A2 and +)

French Listening comprehension practice 1) Listen to the conversation and answer questions below   2) Questions 3) Transcript   ______________________________ Submit answers or contact a French tutor for more information

French vocabulary – text about Tu and Vous ? (Levels B1 and +)

French vocabulary – find synonyms and explain the meaning of words and expression below   Un véritable casse-tête. Que choisir entre le vous et le tu ? Ne vais-je pas paraître trop pompeux, ou au contraire trop familier? Quel est l’usage dans cette situation particulière? Nous le savons, la langue française dispose d’autant de règles qu’elle a d’exceptions. S’il … Read more

French listening comprehension – “Les jeux videos: un sport?” (level B1 and +)

Listen the following audio and answer questions below Questions TRANSCRIPT

French text comprehension – Which French movie to chose? (levels A2 and +)

Which French movie to chose? Read the summary of the 3 following movies. Questions: What is the common theme of these movies? What are the characters?  Describe their personality and actions. Explain which one you would want to watch. Why? Practice conversation with a French tutor