Listening comprehension in French – Podcasts with transcription

Plenty of podcasts in French with transcription to help you progress in listening comprehension. Listening to audio and review words and expressions in sentences. Check lists of podcasts here   Have a question? Want to develop communication skills? Contact a French tutor now

Information – News regarding DELF and DALF exams

Here is the latest information regarding DELF and DALF exams. Changes will start taking place in 2020. No more open-ended answers More multiple choice questions Change in number of activities Evolution in the duration of the exams No more specialty exams for the DALF All the details on this page (in French) If you are … Read more

French language tip – how to use past and future tenses right away? (All levels)

French language tip for French verbs in past and future tenses You know verb VENIR (to come) and ALLER (to go) in French? Great news, you know how to make sentences in the past and future tenses! 1) Using verb VENIR to indicate past tense: Use the present tense of VENIR + DE + INFINITIVE  … Read more

How to easily conjugate French verbs?

French verbs — Conjugate verbs in French   One difficulty in French is to conjugate verbs. Not only you need to learn the infinite of a verb (ex: TO GO = ALLER), but you also need to know how to conjugate the verb for each subject (personal pronouns) — Ex: I go = Je vais … Read more

French language – “Après-midi (Un bon ou une bonne) ?” (Levels A2+)

French language – French vocabulary and grammar – Read in French « Bonne après-midi » ou « Bon après-midi » ? Les formules sont courantes. Est-il pour autant correct de les employer ? Quelques explications ci-dessous À l’oral, certains disent « je te souhaite un bon après-midi », d’autres « une bonne après-midi ». À l’écrit, les deux formules s’échangent invariablement l’article au masculin et au féminin. … Read more

Listening Comprehension – Parc du Pilat (Levels B+)

French listening comprehension – Listen to French – Understand French View to the following video and answer questions below QUESTIONS   1) Le parc régional du Pilat est a) à 20 minutes de Saint-Etienne b) au nord de la France c) dans le Massif Central   2) Il y a a) 13 – 14 centimètres … Read more

French vocabulary – “One word, 2 meanings” (All levels – A2 +)

French vocabulary – Meaning of words in French – French practice    Sens propre et sens figuré   Exemples: Le sens propre est le sens premier du mot, il est concret: Il est tombé dans la cour. Retire la peinture sur ta main, elle est toute verte. Le sens figuré lorsqu’on  donne au mot un … Read more