Private online French lessons

Tailored private online sessions

Private online French lessons to accelerate language acquisition and fluency

Online sessions for one or up to 3 students with a French native tutor will help you with all aspects of the French language. In other words, you can start learning French, practice communication, review grammar or enrich vocabulary. In addition, activities will also help you improve your listening comprehension and writing skills in French. Furthermore, you will learn different aspects of French culture across the world.

You can register for private lessons to add practice to a normal French course in a school like the Alliance Francaise or French cultural centers. Online lessons are also effective for preparing exams or interviews in French. For instance, French Tutors help with studying for SAT,  preparing DELF, TCF or DALF,  or practicing interviews and presentations.

Lessons are offered online via Skype, Zoom, Webex, Teams – All material is provided in digital format.

Bonjour, I am Evelyne, your French tutor

Many years of experience in studying, working and teaching languages in diverse countries have taught me the best way to learn a foreign language is TO PRACTICE and KEEP PRACTICING! Listening, speaking, reading, writing and receiving feedback from a native speaker is the key to becoming and staying fluent in a foreign language. Therefore I am here to help you practice and learn, and speak French fluently!

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Fees* [per session up to 3 students registereing together]
Option 1: Short review session – 25 USD / 30 minutes
Option 2: Regular practice session – 30 USD / 45 minutes
130 USD / 45 minutes for 5 purchased sessions

250 USD / 45 minutes for 10 purchased sessions