French Beginner 1 – French Sounds

PRACTICE 1 – LISTEN AND MEMORIZE THE FOLLOWING SOUNDS Alphabet French uses the 26 letters of the alphabet plus a few “add-ons”: accents on vowels (è, é, etc…) or cedilla (ç). When spelling your name -during a call for example- you will have to know how letters are said in French: A B C D … Read more

Beginning in French – Basic grammar rules in French

 1) Gender of a noun Every noun in French is ‘gendered’ , it is either a masculin or feminin. Some general rules can help you determine if a noun is feminin or masculine; ex: nouns ending with ‘e’ and ‘tion’ are general  feminin , but beware of multiple exceptions! (see in further lesson) .   … Read more

French Reading Comprehension – “Histoire de la bicyclette” (All levels)

French reading  comprehension – French Vocabulary – Short French story Practice French reading to help you acquire vocabulary, talk about a story and answer questions in French. French reading comprehension: Histoire du vélo Le 12 juillet 1817, un Allemand de 32 ans, le baron Drais assis à califourchon sur une planche en bois reliant deux … Read more

French language tip – how to use past and future tenses right away? (All levels)

French language tip for French verbs in past and future tenses You know verb VENIR (to come) and ALLER (to go) in French? Great news, you know how to make sentences in the past and future tenses! 1) Using verb VENIR to indicate past tense: Use the present tense of VENIR + DE + INFINITIVE  … Read more

Start Learning French – Study Guide 1

Salutations Greetings Monsieur Sir Madame Ma’am (Mrs.) Mademoiselle Miss Bonjour, Monsieur Good day (Hello), Sir Bonsoir Good evening Au revoir Goodbye Salut! Hi! À tout à l’heure! See you in a little while. (same day) À ce soir. See you this evening. À demain. See you tomorrow. À bientôt. See you soon. (probably not on … Read more

How to speak French fast? – Funny video for all!!!

A short video to show you to speak French fast and easily! View the video on this page More seriously… The French language is not easy but it can be fun to learn with the proper support. Contact us to schedule a Free session on Skype and start a program online at your convenience. A … Read more

French test to evaluate level – Practice French

French language evaluation – Test your French – Review French   1) Les articles : complétez avec ‘UN’, ‘UNE’, ‘DES’ :   fleur  habitudes  ami 2) Complétez avec un article défini [le / la / l’ / les] J’aime  vacances. J’aime  été. J’aime  sport. J’aime  nature. 3) Complétez avec à / au / aux / à la Je vais  Paris. Je vais  marché. … Read more

French Vocabulary 1

1) Gender of nouns in French Nouns are ‘masculin’ if they are preceded by Le (the) or Un (a) Nouns are ‘feminin’ if they are preceded by La (the ) or Une (a) Both ‘masculin’ and ‘feminin’ nouns are plural if they are precedede by Les (the) or Des (some) Ex: Un livre (a book); … Read more