French language tip – how to use past and future tenses right away? (All levels)

French language tip for French verbs in past and future tenses

You know verb VENIR (to come) and ALLER (to go) in French? Great news, you know how to make sentences in the past and future tenses!

1) Using verb VENIR to indicate past tense: Use the present tense of VENIR + DE + INFINITIVE  form of the action verb

Ex: I have (just) finished my homework <–> Je VIENS DE FINIR mes devoirs

They have (just) gone on holidays <–> Ils VIENNENT DE PARTIR en vacances


2) Using verb ALLER to indicate future tense: Use the present tense of ALLER + INFINITIVE  form of the action verb

Ex: I am going to do my homework <–> Je VAIS FAIRE mes devoirs

They are going to go on holidays <–> Ils VONT ALLER  en vacances



Je viens
Tu viens
Il/Elle/On vient
Nous venons
Vous venez
;Ils/Elles viennent
Je vais
Tu vas
Il/Elle/On va
Nous allons
Vous allez
Ils/Elles vont


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