How to easily conjugate French verbs?

French verbs — Conjugate verbs in French


One difficulty in French is to conjugate verbs. Not only you need to learn the infinite of a verb (ex: TO GO = ALLER), but you also need to know how to conjugate the verb for each subject (personal pronouns)

— Ex: I go = Je vais / You go = Tu vas / He (she) goes = Il (elle) va / We go = Nous allons / You go = Vous allez / They go = Ils (elles) vont

Here is a technic to ease the process:

  1. Look up a verb in the dictionary as you would do for any new words. Example, what is the French word for “To eat”? – Using google translate or any other translator/dictionary you will find it is  “Manger”
  2. Find the verb for each subject (Je, tu., il…) by using a conjugator online or as an app. For example you can look at
  3. Enter  the infinitive form of the French verb in the field, ex: Manger
  4. You will then see a page with the conjugated form of verb “Manger” for all tenses and personal pronouns
  5. Choose the tense and pronoun you want to use —> Ex:  Present and Nous–> Nous mangeons
  6. Which tenses will you use the most? INDICATIVE FORM: Present for action in the present / Present Perfect and Imperfect (for past actions ). Note Future tense can be simplified by using a “near future” form like “… going to + verb at infinitif” . Example: I am going to eat late tonight —> Je vais manger tard ce soir. Once you know the present form of Aller and add any verb at the infinitive form, you get the future tense for that verb!

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