Same sounding words in French – listen and practice

Homophones are the same sounding words with different meanings  Click this link to review basic homophones Listen to the 4 sentences below and write down the proper spelling. 3. Check your answers below Il est grand et brun. Elle n’a pas voyagé à Paris mais elle a visité New York et Madrid. Nous aimons passer … Read more

French listening comprehension practice – “Gratin de pates au jambon” (Levels A and +)

 French Practice – French listening – French video – French Cooking Listen French and view the preparation of a French dish: Gratin de pates au jambon  It is your turn to prepare Gratin de pates au jambon Follow the instructions below INGREDIENTS Pour le gratin de pâtes au jambon 4 tranches de jambon 150g de … Read more

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