French Grammar – Review of the use of Subjunctive (Level B – C)

The subjunctive is used mostly with verbs or adverbs expressing desire, doubt or eventuality; it may also express an order. … Read more

Reading comprehension in French – « Evolution du concept de patrimoine culturel et scientifique et des pratiques de valorisation » (Level C)

Read and practice French online Résumer les différentes formes de patrimoine et des problématiques soulevées pour chaque. Quelles que soient … Read more

Exercise de dictée: Van Gogh (Level B+)

French practice: listening/comprehension, writing, grammar ================================================ 1) Listen to the audio clip below and try to transcribe it. Click here … Read more

French communication – “Advertise in French” (Levels A2 +)

You are beginner student? Start here ________________________________________ French language – Communicating in French – French practice – Speak French – … Read more

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