Asking Questions in French – Practice 1

Asking questions in French to start conversing 1) How to ask a question? Yes / No answer. Question is asked either by adding a ‘?’ to a statement, reversing order of the verb and subject, or starting question with ‘est-ce que’ Exemple:  Are you French? –> Vous êtes français? = Etes-vous français?  = Est-ce que … Read more

Basic sentences in French

Listen to Audio Practice Exercises Bonjour /bɔ̃ʒuʀ/ Hello / Good day / Good morning Bonsoir /bɔ̃swaʀ/ Good evening Bonne nuit /bɔn nɥi/ Good night (only said when going to bed) Salut /saly/ Hi / Bye Au revoir /ɔʀ(ə)vwaʀ/ Goodbye S’il vous plaît / S’il te plaît  /sil vu plɛ/ Please (formal / informal) Merci (beaucoup) … Read more

Start Learning French – Verbe Etre + adjectifs

To make a sentence in French:  Subjet + verb + complement Ex: 1) I am tall – Je suis grande (Je = subjet ; suis = verb ; grande = complement) 2) Les chaussures sont noires = The shoes are black   Verbe Être – To Be Je suis – I am Tu es – You are … Read more

Start Learning French

Here you are! Ready to start learning French. Whether you need to acquire the basics for a trip to Paris, finish your degree and need to take this French 101 course, or simply do it for your pleasure; getting into learning French may be intimidating! Learning and remembering new words, understanding grammar rules, trying to … Read more

French Language Immersion:Know The Best Way To Master French

Is the best learn French method a complete immersion in a French country? Do you believe this? This is what we are going to demonstrate in this article. A long time ago, the best method to learn French was to spend some time directly in France, Canada or Switzerland. Today, the Internet is a powerful … Read more

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