Visiter la France – French activities to practice French

La France Les transports Means of transport Comment voyagez-vous? How do you travel? Je voyage… I travel… en avion / un avion by plane / plane en bateau / un bateau by boat / boat en train / un train by train / train en car / un car by tour bus (from city to … Read more

Passe Temps – Continents – Pays

  Passe-temps et activités Pastimes and activities avoir to have avoir besoin de… to need avoir envie de… to feel like (to want to) avoir l’intention de… to intend (to) chercher to look for trouver to find (Qui cherche, trouve!) (Who looks for (searches), finds!) écouter… to listen to… de la musique music la radio … Read more

Asking Questions in French – Practice 1

Asking questions in French to start conversing 1) How to ask a question? Yes / No answer. Question is asked either by adding a ‘?’ to a statement, reversing order of the verb and subject, or starting question with ‘est-ce que’ Exemple:  Are you French? –> Vous êtes français? = Etes-vous français?  = Est-ce que … Read more

Basic sentences in French

Listen to Audio Practice Exercises Bonjour /bɔ̃ʒuʀ/ Hello / Good day / Good morning Bonsoir /bɔ̃swaʀ/ Good evening Bonne nuit /bɔn nɥi/ Good night (only said when going to bed) Salut /saly/ Hi / Bye Au revoir /ɔʀ(ə)vwaʀ/ Goodbye S’il vous plaît / S’il te plaît  /sil vu plɛ/ Please (formal / informal) Merci (beaucoup) … Read more

Start Learning French – Verbe Etre + adjectifs

To make a sentence in French:  Subjet + verb + complement Ex: 1) I am tall – Je suis grande (Je = subjet ; suis = verb ; grande = complement) 2) Les chaussures sont noires = The shoes are black   Verbe Être – To Be Je suis – I am Tu es – You are … Read more

Start Learning French

Here you are! Ready to start learning French. Whether you need to acquire the basics for a trip to Paris, finish your degree and need to take this French 101 course, or simply do it for your pleasure; getting into learning French may be intimidating! Learning and remembering new words, understanding grammar rules, trying to … Read more

French Language Immersion:Know The Best Way To Master French

Is the best learn French method a complete immersion in a French country? Do you believe this? This is what we are going to demonstrate in this article. A long time ago, the best method to learn French was to spend some time directly in France, Canada or Switzerland. Today, the Internet is a powerful … Read more

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