French Vocabulary: List of adjectives in French with audio

List of adjectives in French. Note: Few adjectives are different in masculin and feminin Listen to the pronunciation below English French Colors Couleurs  (masculin / feminin) or same for both Black Noir / Noire Blue Bleu / Bleue Brown Marron Gray Gris / Grise Green Vert / Verte Orange Orange Purple Pourpre Red Rouge White … Read more

French Vocabulary 1

1) Gender of nouns in French Nouns are ‘masculin’ if they are preceded by Le (the) or Un (a) Nouns are ‘feminin’ if they are preceded by La (the ) or Une (a) Both ‘masculin’ and ‘feminin’ nouns are plural if they are precedede by Les (the) or Des (some) Ex: Un livre (a book); … Read more

French Beginner 1 – French Sounds

PRACTICE 1 – LISTEN AND MEMORIZE THE FOLLOWING SOUNDS Alphabet French uses the 26 letters of the alphabet plus a few “add-ons”: accents on vowels (è, é, etc…) or cedilla (ç). When spelling your name -during a call for example- you will have to know how letters are said in French: A B C D … Read more

Pronoms possessifs (Level A)

Le pronom possessif replaces the noun preceded by a possessive adjectif  (mon, ton son…).  It varies according to the gender and number of the noun it replaces.. Examples : 1. Voilà ma soeur -> voilà la mienne Here is my sister -> here is mine –> ‘la mienne’ remplaces ‘ma soeur’  that is feminin 2. … Read more

Adjectifs Possessifs (Level A)

Singular Plural English Masculine Feminine Before vowel my mon ma mon mes your (tu form) ton ta ton tes his, her, its son sa son ses our notre notre notre nos your (vous form) votre votre votre vos their leur leur leur leurs Listen to the Audio Exemples: Mon chien est noir Sa chemise est blanche Leur … Read more

French Numbers Practice (Level A)

Numbers in French Listen to pronuntiation Zero Zéro /zeʀo/ One Un /œ̃̃̃/ Two Deux /dø/ Three Trois /tʀwɑ/ Four Quatre /katʀ/ Five Cinq /sɛ̃k/ Six Six /sis/ Seven Sept /sɛt/ Eight Huit /ʽɥit/ Nine Neuf /nœf/ Ten Dix /dis/ Eleven Onze /ɔ̃z/ Twelve Douze /duz/ Thirteen Treize /tʀɛz/ Fourteen Quatorze /katɔʀz/ Fifteen Quinze /kɛ̃z/ Sixteen … Read more

Common Expressions with Avoir and Etre

Verbe Avoir — Listen to the Audio  Present tense of avoir /avwaʀ/ – to have I have j’ai /ʒe/ We have nous avons /nu zavɔ̃/ You have tu as /ty ɑ/ You have vous avez /vu zave/ He has She has One has il a elle a on a /il ɑ/ /ɛl ɑ/ /ɔ̃ nɑ/ They have They have ils ont elles ont /il … Read more

French for Travelers

Basic Vocabulary to manage in a French speaking region.   Download the vocabulary guide Conversation practice – A l’hotel <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

French Grammar – TO DO / FAIRE

Faire = to do / to make Je fais — I do / I make Tu fais — You do / You make Il/Elle fait — He/She does // He/She makes Nous faisons — We do / We make Vous faites — You do / We make Ils/Elles font — They do / They make ——————— … Read more

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