Online French Lessons & Tutorials

Access a variety of customized online lessons and tutorials to learn and practice French. Lessons and practices are developed and adapted for all levels, and content is drawn from real-life situations. From starting learning French to achieve fluency, online tutors’ materials will provide the best lessons and assistance. Best French lessons online

Firstly, access selections of customized self-learning tutorials and resources to help you learn and review French. You can subscribe to submit your questions and receive feedback from a French tutor.  In addition, you can register for private French classes to receive full support and assistance from an experienced French tutor.

Programs focus on all aspects of the language. Therefore lessons and activities are planned to help you acquire vocabulary, understand and apply grammar, develop reading and listening comprehension skills.

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Benefits from French Tutor Online

Easy to use:  Receive programs and lessons links directly in your inbox – Simply connect online* to start a class –  Access all material online and save them for offline review and practice.

Flexibility: Easy booking process to fit your schedule – No need to commute to any location to meet a teacher or attend a class – Review and practice lessons at any time online.

Effectiveness: 100% customized lessons to meet YOUR level and objectives – Real live French teachers provide you with valuable feedback and follow up – Activities customized to practice all aspects of the French language.

Online French Tutor programs adapted for:

    • Practices as an addition to a normal French course in a school or at he Alliance Francaise or French cultural centers.
    • Self-study tool and in addition to programs like Duolinguo, Babel, Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, or Pimsleur.
    • Preparation for French evaluation exams (interviews, immigration and citizenship tests…).
    • French language assignments and exams (SAT, homework, etc.) for example to study for French tests like DELF,  DALF, TCF, Praxis.

* Choice of connection: Skype, GHangouts, Webex, Zoom