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Evelyne – France / U.S.A


More about Evelyne

Bonjour! Years of travel, studying, working and teaching languages in diverse countries such as Mexico, Romania, Canada, Peru, United States, Thailand, and Africa have taught me the best way to learn a foreign language is TO PRACTICE and KEEP PRACTICING! Listening, speaking, reading, writing and receiving feedback from a native speaker is the key to becoming and staying fluent in a foreign language. That is exactly what I am here to help you do – to practice and learn, and progress to whatever level of French skills you choose!

Various times available most of the days


Mourad  France

studentnopicHello, I offer a 15-minute evaluation to better understand your needs, I have course notes and technical approach of the language that will help you to discover the French and all that in a dynamic and pleasant environnement.

You’re lucky I’m very bad in English so you will have no choice but to speak French!
Looking forward to speaking with you!


Mourad, your French Teacher…


Corinne – Switzerland / Thailand

I was born in the French part of Switzerland. After 2 years in Singapore where I taught a few private students, I moved to Thailand where I am living now. I am currently teaching some “French as a second language” students, but also a few native French children. I have a good English level.

Being an expatriate, I understands very well the problems of the language barriers when living overseas. I want to give students necessary tools to be able to communicate with confidence in each situation.


Herve-Boris – Uganda

More about Herve-Boris

Currently a French Language and Cross-cultural Trainer at Alliance Francaise of Kampala since March 2015. I am also volunteering at the department of European and Oriental Languages of the School of language and communication at Makerere University.From 2013 to 2014 and I also  worked as a French Language and Cross-cultural Trainer with the US Peace Corps Cameroon.I have an excellent knowledge of online communication methods for teaching (email,Skype) and tools for language development.



Laurent – France

studentnopicLaurent created private lessons “French Lessons Premium” to offer a practical oral Teaching based on Everyday French. He worked as a Journalist/Editor for 6 years and holds a master’s degree in Economics.
This native French tutor (44 years old), born and raised in Paris, has been teaching French to hundreds of foreign students (expatriates, embassy staff, students, retired people, and so on) for 8 years.
As an experienced French Tutor, he gives high quality, personalized French lessons to English speakers Online. The French Lessons Premium cover all levels from beginners to advanced learners.The schedules are flexible and adapted to your availability. A  French lesson lasts one hour and a half.

Discount Packages are available. Very reasonable prices.


Fleur – France /Argentina

More about Fleur

Hello everyone! I am Fleur, I am 27 years old and I was born and raised in Paris. I also lived in the US but I am currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I have been living and teaching for over 2 years now. Since I started I have had the opportunity to teach French at different levels (from beginners A1 to advanced C1) to students from all around the globe. I do fluently speak English and Spanish and a bit of Portuguese, but with you I will speak French (unless you ask me otherwise!). I enjoy teaching very much and I love to see how my students progress. I consider myself a traveler and every lesson is a trip on itself. I love to share and I love to listen and I do think that learning a language is based on trust and comfort, which I allow you to have. And apart from this, you will never get bored learning French with me, that I can assure you! So… see you soon!


Stephanie – U.S.A

More about Stephanie

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I am an American living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have a Master’s Degree in French and am a fluent speaker. I started learning French as most Americans do, in high school. I continued through college and graduate school and have taken many long stays in Europe for the improvement of my fluency and accent. I love being able to introduce students to this beautiful and rich language. I am patient, have a flexible schedule and am adaptable to students’ needs. Discount packages are available.




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