Start Learning French

Here you are! Ready to start learning French.

Whether you need to acquire the basics for a trip to Paris, finish your degree and need to take this French 101 course, or simply do it for your pleasure; getting into learning French may be intimidating!

Learning and remembering new words, understanding grammar rules, trying to speak and understand (you probably won’t for some time!)… may seem impossible.

There is no secret, it will take some efforts from your part; but the whole learning process can be fun! And overall it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE to acquire basic knowledge of the language and to progress.

The best way to start learning any new language is a combination of acquiring learning materials (textbooks/tapes/practice manuals…) and dedicatly reading and learning through; attending a class and participating and doing assignments; getting help from a tutor; and NEVER being discouraged, and KEEP wanting to learn.

TIP: To progress and learn better, always try to immerse yourself in the French language and culture through readings, listening French (radio programs online are a great way!). NEVER be discouraged if you do not understand everything or make mistakes, more you practice, easier you will learn and understand.

Keep trying and get help from all the resources available. If you do not understand everything, you will at least learn a little. While learning a little each time, you will end up learning a lot!


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