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French tutor experienced with international organizations and interview preparation


France / USA

Experience with international organizations staff / Interview preparation
Bonjour! I have several years of travel, studying, working and teaching languages in diverse countries such as Mexico, Romania, Canada, Peru, United States, Thailand, and Africa. These experiences have taught me the best way to learn a foreign language is TO PRACTICE and KEEP PRACTICING! Listening, speaking, reading, writing and receiving feedback from a native speaker is the key to becoming and staying fluent in a foreign language. Therefore I am here to help you do – to practice and learn, and become fluent in French! – View testimonials from students
French tutor specialized in Business French, Travel French and Conversational French



Specialized in Business French, Travel French and Conversational French
Hi, I am Alexane, a native french speaker that is currently living in Bali after traveling the world. I am an open-minded and passionate person. I love art, culture, photography, travels, food and personal development. So I can adapt my lessons upon your preferences. And if I am not familiar with one of your passion, I will be happy to learn something new. I graduated in business and new technologie law.
French tutor specialized in Intercultural communication



Intercultural communication / French teacher
Hello everyone, my name is Audrey and I'm a communication specialist and intercultural mediator who love to teach French and Spanish. I'm really passionate about languages. I speak French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I'm very interested in the teaching process in order to make the student confident and motivated about learning a second language. I think that learning can be fun, even if it requires efforts, discipline and a well-organized schedule to maintain the practice. I really hope we can work together and make the language learning a wonderful journey!
Professional French coach and trainer



Professional Training & Coaching
Currently a French Language and Cross-cultural Trainer at Alliance Francaise of Kampala since March 2015. I am also volunteering at the Department of European and Oriental Languages of the School of language and communication at Makerere University. From 2013 to 2014 and I also worked as a French Language and Cross-cultural Trainer with the US Peace Corps Cameroon. I have an excellent knowledge of online communication methods for teaching (email, Skype) and tools for language development.
French tutor specialized in literature and Political Science



Specialized in French Literature and Political Science
My name is Dana, I am bilingual in the French language. Actually, I am a student in law and political sciences in Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas University. I have completed 3 diplomas in French languages and Litterature, French History and Geography. I have been living in Paris since 2014. I love traveling, nature, music, golf, tennis, theatre, and France.
French tutor and translator



Translator / Proofreader / Transcriptor / Subtitling & One-on-one Tutor
I get my degree in French Teacher for Foreigners (FLE) in 2011 and I started to give private classes straight away. I prefer private classes because I can really focus on the student and his specific needs and learning mechanisms. It is also very important to me to teach authentic French, the French the people talk in the streets and at the office so my students can start to interact quickly. I am passionate about cultures and humankind so my classes are definitely the place of cultural and human exchange. That's why I love my job! Plus, it makes me very satisfied to see the progress of my students.
profesora de francese


France / Argentina

Coach / French teacher
Hello everyone! I am Fleur from Paris. I also lived in the US but I am currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I have been living and teaching for a few years. Since I started I have had the opportunity to teach French at different levels (from beginners A1 to advanced C1) to students from all around the globe. I do fluently speak English and Spanish and a bit of Portuguese, but with you, I will speak French (unless you ask me otherwise!). I enjoy teaching very much and I love to see how my students progress. I consider myself a traveler and every lesson is a trip on itself. I love to share and I love to listen and I do think that learning a language is based on trust and comfort, which I allow you to have. And apart from this, you will never get bored learning French with me, that I can assure you! So… see you soon!
Guillaume French Tutor



French teacher at C.U.B - Budapest
I come from Brittany. I have lived in Hungary for 20 years where I worked as a journalist for French and British media. I have also been a professor of French for fifteen years and since 2009, I have been a professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest (BCE). My oral English is perfect (sorry for the lack of modesty ....), so for me, there is no problem to use English as the language of instruction!
Experienced French Tutor



Experienced French teacher at various schools
I am a teacher for 15 years now. I will be glad to help you speak French, for fun or professional reasons. I worked in a few countries (Australia, Brazil, Mexico...). I love this job because it allows me to meet interesting persons, sharing my culture and learning about others. I also love seeing my students progressing in their learning and getting more and more confident. I truly believe that we can learn while having fun and I'll do my best to make it as easy as possible. During the lesson, you will work all the aspects of the language (reading, listening and mostly speaking-I am interested in a lot of various topics). I will always correct your pronunciation and adjust the lesson to your needs.
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