French Language Schools

French Language Immersion

Learn French In France

Parlez-Vous Francais?- Learning French in France

SOFI 64 French language school – French courses in stunning Biarritz city, France.

French Connection CA – French language school and training in San Jose, CA.

FLE Centers – List of learning centres in France.

Centre International d’Antibes & Accord Paris – Learn French in Paris or Antibes.

BLS – French School – French government registered schools.

French Language Schools – French Ministry of Education – Non-exhaustive directory lists the training centres in France that offer courses in French as a foreign language and organise continuing education for French language teachers.

Centres d’enseignement – SOUFFLE – Training schools for FLE (in French).

Onlinelearners – Your language partner in French online.

French language courses – Learn french in South of France with EasyFrench.