Comprehensive French Language Support with Evelyne

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French | Comprehensive French Language Support

French Language and Cultural Communication Training

Tailored lessons that will help you learn, understand and communicate with French speaking audiences and develop cross cultural skills to thrive in different Francophone regions.

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How I Can Apply My Knowledge, Experience and Skills To Help You!

My name is Evelyne and I am a French native from Central France.

Growing up in a multi-cultural environment and passionate in traveling, curious with different cultures, customs and lifestyles I studied and lived abroad most of my adult life.

I have worked with international  organizations and taught languages in diverse countries such as Mexico, Romania, Canada, Peru, United States, Thailand, and Africa.

International experiences have taught me the best way to learn a foreign language is TO PRACTICE and KEEP PRACTICING!

Listening, speaking, reading, writing and receiving feedback from a native speaker is the key to becoming and staying fluent in a foreign language. I am here to help you practice and learn, and become fluent in French!

Here is what I offer:

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