About French Tutor

French tutorFrench-tutor.net is privately owned and managed by Evelyne, a French native with international experience in the fields of economics, business, and web technology. In 2005 she builds an online language lab to assist North American students to develop comprehension skills in French in addition to traditional classroom courses. In 2011 the first version of the french-tutor.net website was launched as an extension of the language lab with the inclusion of online classes and tutoring services. French-tutor.net has now helped more than 100’s students to learn, review, practice, and develop communication and comprehension skills in French.


Fully flexible French programs to :

  • Start to learn and communicate in French right away
  • Discover all aspects of the language including various French-speaking regions and countries differences
  • Easily acquire vocabulary through readings of current articles, texts, and real situation messages
  • Develop comprehension skills by listening, repeating, and practicing in a real-life context
  • Practice activities and get feedback to help you progress
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